How to reach us

How to reach us

These are the various ways to reach
The Torcolo Hotel
Vicolo Listone 3
37121 – Verona

If you arrive on the A4 motorway

  • Exit at Verona Sud, take the underpass for Viale delle Nazioni – Viale del Lavoro, keep going straight on Viale del Piave.
  • At the end of the avenue, in the square “Porta Nuova”, turn around the gate and take the ring road Oriani.
  • Proceed straight and at the second traffic light turn right on Corso Porta Palio.
  • After the second traffic light pass the castle (Castel Vecchio), proceed straight and enter the sixth street (Via Fratta).
  • The Torcolo hotel is situated at the end of the road.

To get to the Verona Sud exit, you can consult the Google Maps service:
Directions on Google Maps

Or follow this simple map that we created for you: Download the map

If you are coming from the railway station of Verona Porta Nuova

Note: if you want to book a train in Italy or from Europe, you cas use this site:

  • In front of the station find the sidewalk B1, the bus 11-12-13—51(Monday to Saturday)
    Or 90-92-93-98(from 20.00 till midnight, Sundays and holidays) direction Piazza BRÀ.
  • Once in Piazza BRÀ go down in front of the palace Gran Guardia, cross the road and head inside Piazza BRÀ where there are situated a series of many bars and restaurants.
  • As soon as you pass the restaurant “Ristorante Vittorio Emanuele” you will come across the street Vicolo Listone, walk down the alley and at the end of it you will find the Torcolo Hotel.

See the map below: