To prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria the Torcolo Hotel implements the following hygiene measures and security procedures:


All of our staff are vaccinated with the Covid19 vaccine.
Guests are encouraged to always check-in online as it allows to enter the room quicker.

Cleaning and sanitization of the rooms using an ozone machine

Ozone inactivates viruses and kills bacteria, mold, fungi, yeasts, pollen and mites. It is a powerful ally in fighting allergies, asthma, and infections. It sanitises and it’s also completely environmentally friendly: Finished the treatment, Ozone converts into oxygen without leaving any toxic or chemical residue.

Hand sanitizer always available to guests

Staff equipped with disposable masks and gloves

Covid plastic barriers at the reception desk

Extreme cleaning and sanitising of surfaces

The cleaning staff was instructed in paying extra attention in the cleaning and sanitizing of door handles, intercoms, remote controls and everything that is usually frequently touched.

All laundry entirely disinfected

Laundry is exclusively washed with the following products in this order:

Pre-washing: Traditional powdered detergent, Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15%

Washing: Traditional powdered detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide 130Vol

Neutralisation: Acid

The program is set to a specific dosage, time and temperature set by the program that has been approved and validated according to the standard 14065:2016 (P.S. the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health recommends for the disinfection of hard surfaces and for fabrics the use of sodium hypochlorite solutions).

Furthermore, the process of sanitization of various reusable fabrics (tablecloth, bed linen, sponges) takes place by washing them with a temperature that is above 60 degrees Celsius and then will be ironed at 180 degrees Celsius.

This procedure guarantees a superior sanitizing and an effective anti-microbe action which provides a complete sanitization process.